Is this a good period to buy homes?

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Panic seems to be a common emotion in any sector today in the wake of the slow unlocking of services and businesses. The good news is that the market, especially, the real estate sector is most suited for the buyers now. As per the most trusted voice of housing finance in India, Mr. Deepak Parekh, “property prices could correct by up to 20% due to the demand drought caused by the COVID-19 pandemic”.

The lockdown phase across the country, lasting more than a quarter of the year, brought businesses to a standstill resulting in crashing of the property prices. Data from the major cities show that the real estate prices fell about 9% immediately after the lockdown was announced in March 2020.

Though property watchers predict a further slump in the prices towards the final quarter of this year, it is a good time to buy houses right now. Currently, the prospects are better for home buyers looking to buy a house on a ‘ready to move-in’ basis than as a future investment.  The reason for this is the overall lull in the economic activities. With low business demands, slower job recruitments and slash in salaries, many buyers are putting off booking of new house projects that have one or two years of waiting time. Though most banks have extended the loan repayment moratorium up to six months to their customers, repaying heavy monthly loan instalments is getting difficult in the present economic situation. Therefore, getting home loans sanctioned for buying properties or homes for self-use seems to be the right choice in the present scenario.

The other aspect to be considered is that there are innumerable cases where houses and properties have been reclaimed by the lenders such as banks and housing finance institutions, due to inability of customers to repay their housing loans. These recovered properties are generally available at prices lower than the current market rates and ready for use. Which means, if the paper work and documents are all in order, buyers can invest in such properties at very reasonable costs.

Considering the volatility of every sector in the market in the wake of the ongoing pandemic, investing in buying a home for immediate use is the safer bet, even if there is a downturn. It is essential that the buyer takes proper advice from trusted sources and observes due diligence before buying the property. Similar to other fields, the lockdown has slowed down the pace of property consultants’ tasks including property paper work, accurate assessment of the legal aspects and the property ownership matters.

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