Pandemic: Right time for minimalistic décor

The covid-19 virus has instilled the thought of cleanliness in our minds to such an extent that it is almost turning into an obsession. This has made everyone of us very conscious of clearing up a mess anytime anywhere at home. In other words, slowly people have begun to develop OCD (Obsessive Cleaning Disorder).

It just does not stop with just dusting, clearing cobwebs or sweeping the floor clean. All over the world people are going the extra mile of vacuuming furniture, washing linen and sprucing up the house completely.

The tasks mentioned are definitely arduous ones but creative personalities are looking at it as pleasurable ones. To keep pace with the raging pandemic and to turn homes comfortable people are resorting to minimalist décor.

Luxury is not essential anymore, showcasing of figurines and curios on shelves and quadrangles has taken a backseat. With simplicity being the buzzword, minimalism has taken over every inch of space.

Super-clean homes

The new trend is here and has come to stay. It has ushered in organized and super-clean homes and turned it into a priority too. What are these homes and what is their advantage.

Unlike traditional homes, where every inch is occupied, these are the same homes but ones which are more organized and have a lot of clutter-free spaces. These do not accumulate unwanted furniture, books you never read, vessels you never use.

Having just what you would definitely use and not what you may or may not use is the new normal. Thus, minimalizing of things have improved the lifestyles of people and the décor of a house too.  The result of this change is easy maintenance. The dust-free atmosphere has helped in improving the health of people.

A single seating arrangement in a balcony
Enjoying empty spaces

Minimalism is not against traditional décor but helps improve the aesthetics. It allows you to laze around the balcony or the living room in a couch or a divan. With nothing else besides this you will enjoy the comfort of empty space around.   After all, what else would you want but to lounge on a sleek piece of furniture in a spacious balcony and sip a cup of strong coffee around 6 am. Thus, minimalism is a hallmark of luxury and good health.

With the corona virus wreaking havoc in the major cities, we have few people coming over to sweep, wipe or maintain our homes. With just a few components being part of our homes, maintenance is just a breeze.

Wise decisions

Functionality does not take a beating here, instead it turns out to be main focus. The décor of the homes should be chosen wisely and used at the right place. More space around in a home makes way for creativity as we can keep shuffling the furniture around to eliminate boredom.

With urban homes lacking a backyard or a play area comfortable clutter-free rooms are a must, if you have kids at home. With work from home on the rise, living rooms turn out to be the space where couples spend a lot of time before computers. Turning it around and into a comfortable zone will definitely be on the TO DO LIST of every family in this pandemic time.


Foyer: A few shelves to accommodate footwear and the daily newspaper. One or two foldable chairs which can be used only when needed.

Living Room: Just a set of sleek of sofas where every family member can have a seat.

Balcony: Just a piece of furniture with good seating arrangement.

Bedroom: Not more than two wardrobes and cots.

Kitchen: Shelves just to store the essential groceries, well-though of modular shelves for the vessels. Never forget that the refrigerator should just suit the family needs (Not a huge one or a small one).

Bathrooms: Should necessarily have antiskid tiles and sleek shelves for the toiletries.

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